Things To Know About Single-Serve Packaging

While consumers look for convenience, they consider quality a more necessary factor. Single-serve packaging comes with both these qualities. This packaging option is considered ideal for product packaging in the food and beverage, personal care, and healthcare industry. This packaging method not only helps reduce wastes but also fits consumers’ lifestyles.

Single-serve packaging considerations for the food industry

The report “Branded Refrigerated Meats and Meals: U.S. Market Trends” suggests convenience, health, and creativity as top trends for branded meats and meals. Portable food packaging is quite popular among people who are consistently on the go. They look for products that are small enough to carry easily or fit into a pocket or purse.

Another factor driving sales of products in single-serve packaging is portion control. A study suggests that 61% of grocery shoppers consider reading food labels necessary for their health. Due to this increased consumer awareness, more brands have started using single-serve packaging. By doing so, they aim at motivating more customers with their health and wellness goals.

Single-serve packaging considerations for the personal care industry

TSA regulations necessitate businesses in the health and beauty industry to use miniature packaging. That way, air travelers can keep only small items in their carry-on bags. People taking weekend trips usually prefer lighter and smaller products over heavier and large-sized ones.

Single-serve packaging considerations for the healthcare industry

Healthcare brands and businesses have to make sure to use packaging solutions that tend to provide fast solutions. Those solutions have to deliver a reliable set of characteristics. Those characteristics mainly include quality, ease of use, tamper evidence, and product protection.

For instance, daily packets for protein powder or vitamins allow consumers to pack proper dosing when traveling. That way, they do not have to buy multiple bottles of several products. Date-labeled blister packs help consumers remember the day or time to take their medicines or supplements.

Gaining market share with single-serve packaging

Packaging needs to be updated as consumer demands or requirements change. Most consumers today are busy, and they look for portable solutions in everything. They also expect brands to provide a pleasing experience. With the help of single-serve packaging, you can gain market share while responding to consumer demands for portable packaging solutions.

Businesses must determine the correct packaging sizes for their products. Factors to consider here are product form, target market, delivery method, and logistics involved in product shipping.

Single-serve packaging is a perfect solution for businesses that target an audience that is consistently on the go. Whether you are in the food and beverage industry, healthcare industry, or cosmetics industry, you can evaluate if your target customers can benefit from products packed in single-serve containers, bottles, or sachets. The best thing about this packaging solution is that it allows you to sell a small amount of product to let your customers have an experience of your brand. The fact of the matter is that many customers prefer buying single-serve packs before they choose a brand.

If you are interested in utilizing single-serve packaging solutions, you have to consult your packaging vendor to get suggestions and solutions.